Constant inner monologue
Constant inner monologue

In Concerns to my Lifestyle

I’ve never been the active sort of person. I enjoy running, but that’s only because I listen to music while doing so. PE lessons have never been fun for me; the uniform is embarrassing and the judgement from 50 other teenagers who have had a lot more practice than you is overwhelming.

Then there comes the home life. My room is an old bed frame that my legs have been cut on more often than not, a small coffee table, and this laptop is currently resting on an amazon delivery box on top of it so that I can sit on a stolen IKEA desk chair without hurting my back. My floor is a mess of bags, underwear, and stationary. I have GCSE’s in four weeks. I haven’t revised for shit.

 At about 1PM last night, I decided, “You know what? Fuck it. I want to apply to a good college, I want to achieve good grades, I want to have fun with my friends. I’m gonna fuckin’ do it.”

And that’s what I’m going to do. Without wasting sleep, I’m going to revise every Tuesday and Friday for the next three weeks, see my friends, drink water, and watch all of those TV shows I’ve missed.

  Aug 12th
In Alphabetical Order

Accent May Vary
Approximate Knowledge
Balconette Bras
Brothel Creepers
Cheap Sony Earphones
Chipped Red Nails
Dark Lips
Dry Lips
Indie Pop
Large Muscle Tees
Loose Limbs
Messy Loose Curls
Natalie Dormer Smirk
One Ear Piercing Remaining
Overgrown Cuticles
Pale Skin
Shaved Arms
Small Green Eyes
Synth Pop
Widespread Stance

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